Bruno’s blurb

Me cleaning  up at the show

Well, I won a few prizes, including best veg in show in 2011 and 2010 for my onions. And at the annual show last week (8.09.12), my parsnips won and I cleaned up in the tattie section. Six firsts in total

Bruno Dore was site secretary at Shepherds Hill allotments, on the borders of Crouch End and Highgate in north London, for 15 years from 2001 to 2015 and has been a tenant at the site since 1996. After 24 years as a member of editorial staff at the Guardian – the last six of them as a part-timer in the obituaries department, in 2012 he took the voluntary redundo bung but continues to shovel smelly brown stuff of a more honest variety on a voluntary basis. He did a one-year part-time course in garden design at Capel Manor college in 2013.


8 thoughts on “Bruno’s blurb

  1. All the best with the blog, Bruno. I think you’ll find it very similar to having an allotment. (ie you begin with the best of intentions…)

    • Thanks that Dave. I’m still bumping around a bit with the technology (and the focus of the content too really).

      On a related subject – my most recent plot news email got bounced by both you and Miriam because “Message contains spam or virus or sender is blocked”.

      It’s Ok though. I will quite understand if you have blocked me …


  2. gil saunders

    Hi Bruno
    Greetings from a site somewhere in Barnet (usually, I gather, referred to as ‘broken Barnet’, but I’m not actually resident in the borough so I can only share their grief from far, far away in Islington). Your allotment management woes are all very familiar and as we struggle to prepare our site for Barnet’s much-vaunted Big Society self-management project never a day goes by without a “why I am doing this?” moment. At least you win prizes!
    Keep up the blog – we are enjoying it.

  3. Hi Bruno – loved your blog – great to have a chuckle on a grey Jan morning. How can I subscribe, so I don’t miss it in future? I have just joined the Committee on the Highgate allotments…

  4. Cath Halsall (mervis)

    Hi Bruno,
    Loving the blog.
    Would love to come and see your work and catch-up.

  5. Cath Halsall (mervis)

    If only Len was still around to help 😉

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